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February 2023

Basic 2 – one system, many faces

When using our basic system called Basic 2, you will get a presentable, profile creating, flexible and customer-friendly store design, which at the same time is easy to handle for the employees in the store.

The Basic 2 system offers numerous possibilities of combinations and makes up the optimum basic shopfitting solution for virtually all sectors. Whether grocery stores, garden centers, hardware shops, book stores, radio/tv shops or something entirely different, Basic 2 will meet the demands for attractive and well-arranged presentation, which contributes to creating the profile and expression of the store.

The Basic 2 shopfitting will also enable you to underline the overall concept of the chain and set focus on seasonal-, campaign- and incentive sales. The system includes several decoration effects making it possible to establish targeted sales, while at the same time achieving high-profiling of the store. Moreover, the Basic 2 system offers a variety of accessories as well as varying column heights, foot depths and module measurements, which increase the flexibility. Should you need special components, we also manufacture such.

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